From The Examiner Jan. 12-17, 1970:

• “CHIEFS CAN’T WIN THE BIG ONES? PHOOEY!” – New Orleans (UPI) – He doesn’t talk or swing a bit like Joe Namath, but quiet Len Dawson who “called on the Lord” took Broadway Joe’s place today as pro football’s new super hero.

“It was quite an ordeal,” 34-year-old Dawson said softly, and he wasn’t talking entirely about Sunday’s stunning Super Bowl in which he led the underdog Kansas City Chiefs in a 23-7 rout of the Minnesota Vikings. He meant, first, the long, tough season in which he suffered a knee injury that still pains him and the loss of his dad. But above all, he meant last week’s ordeal, when his name popped up in connection with a Michigan gambling investigation, (Dawson was cleared.)

He threw 17 passes and completed 12, for 142 yards. One of them was on a 47-yard touchdown play to Otis Taylor.

• “MACY’S TO CLOSE STORE ON SQUARE” – The Macy’s Store which opened on the Independence Square Sept. 12, 1968 is to be closed next month. Macy’s took over the lease from the Bundschu Estate after the Emery Bird Thayer company, operators of the store here since 1959, announced it was going out of business.

From The Independence Examiner Jan. 12-17, 1920:

• “GREET THE ‘DRY ERA.’” – The Local Society of the W.C.T.U. has arranged for a celebration of the entrance of the “Dry Era” by a meeting to be held in the First Baptist Church, Friday, Jan, 16, beginning with a picnic lunch at noon, and followed by an unusually interesting program beginning at 1 o’clock. The Missionary societies of the town have been asked to co-operate with the W.T.C.U. on that day, each society furnishing one or more numbers on the program, and all have responded favorably.

(Note: Prohibition, under the 18th Amendment, took effect Jan. 17, 1920. The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union had campaigned for the cause for decades.)

• “CIDER AND PROHIBITION.” – Producers of cider are left in a state of great uncertainty till exact and authoritative rulings shall have been received from Washington with reference to their business. “In order to be absolutely certain we are not selling cider with more than one-half of one percent of alcohol in it, we would have to make a chemical test of every lot of cider we sold,” said E.A. Ikenberry, one of the area’s large cider producers. “This would be expensive and call for the services of a competent and experienced chemist.”

• “BITS OF GENERAL NEWS.” – Ratifications of the treaty of Versailles were exchanged at Paris, France, and peace between Germany, France, Great Britain and the other allied and associated powers, with the exception of the United States, became effective at 4:16 o’clock Saturday afternoon.