Jackson County has hired Maureen Monaghan, the chief counsel for the State Tax Commission, as deputy director of the county's assessment department. She will oversee the reassessment process that caused great angst with many taxpayers in 2019.

Monaghan has been with State Tax Commission, the agency responsible for ensuring uniform and equitable assessment of all taxable, tangible property in the state, more than 10 years. Prior to that, she served as an assistant prosecutor with the Cole County Prosecutor’s Office and as legal counsel for the 19th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Court.

The county's property reassessment caused much taxpayer uproar in 2019, as many received assessments two or three times higher than before, it not more. Thousands filed appeals – many of which are still pending – and a handful of civil suits have been filed contesting the reassessments in some way.

Gail McCann Beatty will remain as director of the assessment department. Monaghan will start her role with the county on April 1.