Hobart will bring good changes to City Hall

Tom Waters, Independence

To the editor:

On Feb. 4 registered voters in District 4 in Independence will vote in a primary for the City Council. To me Dan Hobart rises to the top as someone who will be a breath of fresh air for our district and our city.

He’s an Eagle Scout, an experienced attorney and a homeowner in the Fourth District. I especially like how he approaches issues by doing a lot of listening before acting.

An effective member of our City Council should possess skills of professionalism, tact, negotiating, budgeting and cooperation. Dan Hobart possesses those skills and uses them daily as a self-employed attorney. He will be a good choice to represent the Fourth District in City Hall.


Missouri voters know what they voted for

Shirley McCarty, Independence

To the editor:

Isn’t it a shame that voters in Missouri and especially Jackson County, were not smart enough to know for what they were voting in 2018 (The Examiner, Jan. 15, “GOP begins push for Clean Missouri do-over”). Our wonderful legislators are proposing that we be given another chance to get it right as obviously we did not know for what we were voting.

Now I believe that when we vote we have the right to be counted, whether yea or nay, and we also have the right to expect whichever way the vote goes the majority carries and we should not have our legislators proposing giving us another chance to vote so we can “get it right.” I give considerable thought and research into how I vote, as I believe most do, and I am offended when there is implication that I did not know for what I was voting.


Hobart is the best choice in the Fourth District


Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

Coming up on Feb. 4 is the primary election for Independence City Council positions. Needless to say all are important positions, and those who receive the most votes in this primary will move on to the general election in April.

I want to call special attention to voters in the 4th District, where three candidates are running. One candidate in particular stands out as the very best choice – Dan Hobart.

Dan’s hometown is Independence, Mo. He attended elementary, middle and high school, graduating from Truman High School. He then attended and graduated from Graceland University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in history. From here he moved on to Drake University Law School and received his juris doctor degree. He is now in private practice in the greater Independence area.

As a youth, Dan grew up the Scouting program – first as a Cub Scout earning Cub Scout’s highest award – the Arrow of Light. He then transitioned into the Boy Scout program earning Scouting’s highest honor – the rank of Eagle Scout. He is also a member of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, an honor camping program within the overall Scouting program.

Being from Independence and now being active in Independence, Dan is a welcoming beam that will bring the right kind of integrity and leadership to our city council – which most of you know it sorely needs.

Dan will bring a fresh face and an intelligent mind to our city council and the ability to look ahead with forethought and a vision for the future. He knows how to work with people to get things done in a positive way and to think objectively.

I’ve known Dan most of his life having been his Cubmaster in Cub Scouts and his Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts. I can truly attest to his integrity, his honesty and his willingness to do the right thing for the citizens of the 4th District and the citizens of Independence.

On Feb. 4, mark your ballot for Dan Hobart – City Council in the 4th District for greater transparency and accountability in city government.

Your vote matters.