JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway on Thursday confirmed that two audits of Jackson County government are coming later this year.

That work has been nearly two years in coming. Galloway’s office said in April 2018 it would audit the county, following a request from county legislators and County Executive Frank White Jr. Late that fall, an audit manager in Galloway’s Kansas City office said work was getting started.

On Thursday, Galloway said an audit of the county’s COMBAT program will be coming “in the next several months.” COMBAT is a $24 million-a-year program, funded through a quarter-cent county sales tax, to reduce drug abuse and violence. It supports a wide range of law-enforcement and substance abuse treatment activities.

Also, Galloway’s office plans to release a report on Jackson County’s contracting and procurement practices “several months after that,” she said, referring to COMBAT.

Galloway, speaking at a gathering of reporters, editors and publishers in Jefferson City, did not give specific dates but said both reports would be released this year.

Past practices in the COMBAT program were criticized in a separate audit last year conducted on behalf of the county prosecutor’s office, which took over the program a year and a half ago. That outside report said that when the program was under control of White’s office, money was misspent and sometimes spending didn’t go through the proper channels. Officials have said Galloway’s office will likely have access to COMBAT records that White’s office didn’t make available to the outside auditors last year.