Missouri doesn’t need law to punish librarians

Linda D. Roberts, PhD, Independence

To the editor:

Representative Ben Baker, R-Neosho, needs to drop his current attempt to censor libraries via his Library Review Board Bill (House Bill 2044). This bill attempts to censor libraries by establishing review boards whose members would determine the suitability (or appropriateness) of library materials and programs. In addition, punishments will be exacted to those who defy board orders such as: taking away funding; assessing fines; or sentencing library employees to jail time.

Perhaps Mr. Baker needs to consider opening a library in his home and thus have complete control of the choices offered to both children and adults in his private domain.

Prior to any attempts to write any more legislation, Mr. Baker needs to actually read, study, and understand the tenets of the Constitution of the United States, especially the portions detailing separation of church and state and freedom of speech.



Hobart will listen, serve in the Fourth District

Jonathan S. Zerr, Independence

To the editor:

Dan Hobart is the best candidate for the Independence City Council Fourth District. I will be supporting him wholeheartedly.

The reasons for my support are numerous and span 47 years. Dan and I grew up together enjoying the amazing parks, activities and events offered in Independence. We attended Luff Elementary and Truman High School, graduating in 1991. In school, Dan focused his studies and extracurricular activities on debate. From an early age, Dan wanted to be a lawyer.

Dan was actively involved in Boy Scouts, earning the rank of Eagle Scout and remaining as part of the Leadership Corp. to assist younger scouts. Dan also logged many camp days in Osceola, where he became a member of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Dan followed through on his career goal by attending Graceland University and Drake University Law School. He then worked as a public defender in Rolla, Missouri before returning to the Kansas City area for private practice. Dan has gained a broad legal knowledge and holds true to the ethical tenets of the bar. He has focused his practice on “helping the little guy,” including small businesses, charities and nonprofit organizations.

Dan is rehabilitating his personal residence in the Fourth District. He is committed to the district and to the city of Independence.

In this campaign Dan is supported by a number of local organizations including the IAFF and the IBEW. He has committed to working with each of the widely diverse groups in Independence to build consensus and a better community. Whether protecting pensions of former city employees or advancing economic development within our community, Dan will be unwavering in his efforts.

For more information, on why Dan is the best choice for the Fourth District Council seat, visit his campaign webpage at www.electdan.org.



Trump ally in the Senate forgets his sworn duties

J. Sue Krysa, Independence

To the editor:

I’m writing in regard to the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. I am, as were my parents, a Democrat, and proud to be one!

Like the nation, I have been following the procedures on the media and am appalled at the way Senate leader Mitch McConnell has continually admitted that he will follow the White House leads and that he will not be an impartial juror. And, that he is on “Trump’s Team.”

My question is, how can he sign an oath to be impartial? I believe that is a blatant conflict of interest and he should recuse himself before he commits perjury! If not already…

When Mr. Trump said he was “going to drain the swamp,” he missed a lot of turtles! One being Mitch McConnell. He is one of the many elective officials who has been on the payroll for too many years! Are you listening, voters? I think that if Mr. Trump needed to have hemorrhoid surgery, the surgeons would have to remove Mr. McConnell’s nose first!