A murder suspect from Hammond, Indiana, was captured last Thursday evening in Independence, the day after he allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend two states away.

U.S. Marshal deputies and Independence Police officers captured Charles Goforth, 56, at the QuikTrip at Missouri 291 and U.S. 24.

Goforth is charged with killing an ex-girlfriend, and he also had been arrested in Independence in early November for shooting the same woman, 55-year-old Sylvia Williams, in Hammond.

Goforth had been charged then with attempted murder with criminal recklessness and was extradited back to Indiana, but he posted a cash bond of nearly $8,000 and a judge allowed him to stay with family in Independence, Chicago-area media outlets reported. Police had tracked Goforth through his cell phone from Missouri to northwest Indiana in late January.

A spokesperson for the Marshals office in Kansas City said they had received a call about the shooting last Thursday and were told Goforth might flee back to Independence. Court records show a Jackson County judge ordered extradition for Goforth at a hearing Monday.