Chris Casamassa, a ninth-degree Black Belt who starred as Scorpion in the movie “Mortal Kombat” and who was the stunt double for George Clooney in “Batman and Robin,” is coming to Independence to teach kids how to become bully proof.

His class will be held at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Wilcox Karate, 2400 S. Lee’s Summit Road.

Casamassa will present techniques to help kids appear confident and assertive when confronted with a bully. These techniques are intended to prevent a physical confrontation if possible. He will also teach techniques which can be used to block a physical attack if necessary.

Kids ages 6 through 19 are welcome to attend. Advance registration is advised by calling Wilcox Karate at 816-659-7777 or by going to Wilcox Karate’s Facebook page. The cost is $10 per student.

Billy Wilcox, the owner of Wilcox Karate, plans to donate all profits of Casamassa’s class to the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City.