From The Examiner March 2-7, 1970:

• “NEW PHILOSOPHY IS PROPOSED FOR DEVELOPING SQUARE AREA” – A new philosophy for developing the Jackson Square area of Independence was proposed to the Urban Renewal board Wednesday by O.V. Heckman, director of the local Urban Renewal authority. Heckman urged moving ahead with urban renewal of the central square area immediately surrounding the courthouse, and letting the perimeter area, which with its traffic loops has been the subject of controversy, develop as needs dictate.

If all the agencies concerned should give the plan a go-ahead, Heckman said, Main, Lexington, Liberty, and Maple streets surrounding the courthouse would be closed, utility additions would be made, and the area would be developed into a pedestrian mall. This could be accompanied by the refurbishing of square businesses in a general architectural principle and color-coded signs and lights, he said.

• “TWO EXAMINER CARRIERS MAKE ROUNDS ON PONIES” – The Examiner by pony express? It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. In fact, more than 100 Examiner subscribers are receiving their newspaper each day by two youthful carriers who deliver the day’s news astride Shetland ponies. The brothers, John and Mike Malko, have been using the four-legged method of transportation since December. The ponies were Christmas gifts from their parents.

From The Independence Examiner March 1-6, 1920:

• “DROPPED CHAIN GANG” – By order of Judge Ralph Latshaw, of the Jackson County Criminal Court in Kansas City, the old county jail on North Main Street, this city, was ordered closed, today. The jail has been maintained mainly as a living space for the county chain gang, which has been employed on county road work in the neighborhood of Independence. The chain gang has decreased in numbers until in the opinion of Judge Latshaw it was no longer justifiable to maintain the place for such a small number of men, the cost being very much greater than their work was worth to the county.

• “FISH DIET POPULAR” – There is a large demand for fish just now, dealers say. Various varieties of fish can be caught in the local markets if the proper bait is used. Small, white, salt fish may be had for 12 cents a pound. It takes several fish to weigh a pound, and when properly prepared these small fish make a very toothsome dish. Halibut, cat and salmon are 30 cents a pound. One reason so much fish is being used is because many people are observing Lent.