Critical violations involve factors that can directly lead to foodborne illness. Critical violations during recent restaurant inspections by the city of Independence are:

Family Dollar, 17911 E. U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 25. No critical violations.

Autentico California Taco Shop, 19520 E. U.S. 40, inspected Feb. 26.

Long John Silver’s/A&W Root Beer, 11211 E. U.S. 40, inspected Feb. 26

• Multiple food contact surfaces and equipment noted not being kept clean.

• Physical facility not cleaned as often as necessary. Floors and walls found heavily soiled.

Subway Sandwiches, 18009 E. U.S. 24, inspected Feb. 27. No critical violations.

Subway Sandwiches, 11201 E. U.S. 24, inspected March 2. No critical violations.

Cashew Creamery, 201 N. Forest Ave., inspected March 3.

• Sanitizer bucket was being stored on top of prep table. Sanitizer must be stored in the lower shelf to prevent contamination of food and food contact surfaces.

Pizza Ranch, 4660 Bass Pro Drive, inspected March 3. No critical violations found.

Church’s Chicken, 701 N. Noland Road, inspected March 4.

• Frozen food is noted not properly thawed. Pan of gizzards found thawing on top of three-compartment sink.

• The following noted not being kept clean: (1) soda nozzles-these must be removed nightly and washed and soaped in sanitizer over-night (2) area around soda nozzles (3) white tub beneath the breading table.

• Individual disposable paper towels noted not at each hand sink.

• Dispenser at sink in prep area found empty.

Wendy’s, 4105 S. Little Blue Parkway, inspected March 4.

• Poisonous/toxic material not stored separately from food items. Three spray bottles with chemicals found hanging on the side of the hand sink.