From The Examiner in March 1970:

• “STUDENTS SPEND HOLIDAY BOOSTING SCHOOL ISSUES” – A group of freshmen students in George Farquhar’s citizenship class at William Chrisman Junior High School spent their school holiday Friday boosting school issues in upcoming elections. The students were on the square from noon until 3 p.m. carrying placards and handing out fliers reminding citizens to vote in the special school bond and levy election March 24 and for Proposition No. 1, the state income tax reform bill, to be voted on April 7.

“The students have been much concerned about the bond and levy proposals which have failed in the two previous elections,” Farquhar said.

• “MOON TO BLOT PART OF SUN HERE” – Your last chance to see an eclipse of the sun until April 8, 2024, will occur at 12:12 p.m. Saturday – that is if the rare phenomenon is not obscured by a cloud cover. Scientists say it will amount to about 64 percent of totality in the Independence area. The awe-inspiring total eclipse will be observed only along a 90-mile wide path across Mexico and extending up the east coast of the United States.

(Note: The Examiner overlooked the Aug, 21, 2017 total eclipse, which was spectacular. The April 8, 2024 eclipse is still on the calendar.)

From The Independence Examiner in March 1920:

• ‘STANDARD OIL WILL HELP” – The Standard Oil Company is willing to help out on the proposition to get water for Independence from the pipes of the Kansas City waterworks. If this were done it would do away with any necessity for that company to undertake quite expensive improvements to prevent its sewage from getting mixed with the water we now use.

Mayor Ott has for some time been corresponding with officials of Kansas City on this matter and he has told them very plainly that unless some arrangement is made for our water supply from the pipes of the Kansas City waterworks, some disposition will have to be made of the sewage of Kansas City other than to dump it into the river as at present.

• “M’COY FOR MAYOR.” – William Stewart McCoy, architect and ex-service man, will head the Republican city ticket in the coming election. He was nominated for Mayor Thursday night by the Republican city convention. For the first time in many years there was a contest and that a somewhat sharp one, for the Republican nomination for mayor. The selection of Mr. McCoy was a triumph for the younger element of the party. (Note: McCoy won the election.)

• “TO SELL THE OLD JAIL.” – The county court, today, instructed A.L. Cooper, county counselor, to ascertain if the county could legally sell the old county jail property on North Main Street. The building recently was closed under orders from Ralph Latshaw, judge of the Jackson County Criminal Court, who ordered that no more prisoners be received there, and as a consequence the county court discharged the deputies and abolished the county chain gang. No one but County Jailor Hall and his family now are occupying the building. It was suggested that the money realized from the sale of the old county jail be expended in improving the county court house, here, which is beginning to be badly in need of repairs.