The Whole Person, a local agency that provides services to disabled individuals in Jackson County, is in immediate need of personal protective masks for both its staff and its clients. The agency is seeking volunteers to make masks at home, using a pattern that the agency will provide. It takes a little more than an hour to create one mask and at least 1,000 are needed as soon as possible.

The people served by The Whole Person are coping with serious physical disabilities such as blindness and paraplegia and cannot live independently without assistance. Personal care attendants from The Whole Person go into clients’ homes to assist with bathing, dressing, housework, preparation of meals and grocery shopping. Due to the close physical interaction which must occur between the personal care attendants and the clients, protective masks are essential.

Anyone interested in making masks can visit, email the agency at, or call 816-627-2220. A pattern for the masks will be provided. The masks can be made at the volunteer’s home and The Whole Person staff will be glad to pick up the masks when they are completed.