Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. declared a state of emergency on March 24. He ordered that all county residents outside Kansas City must remain at home except “to perform essential duties for business continuity or government functions, to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or perform activities related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle...”

Kansas City and other metro counties have issue the same orders.

That state of emergency is still in effect and has impacted and modified many county services and programs as well as directing social distancing by citizens.

Citizens may report businesses not complying with the stay-at-home order by contacting the Jackson County Health Department hotline at 816-404-9883 or at 816-404-9883 or COVID19@tmcmed.org.

Updates on the state of emergency are available at jacksongov.org. Frequently asked questions and answers are available at https://www.jacksongov.org/1186/Stay-at-Home-FAQs.

Current closings and modifications of services include the following:

• County offices at 415 E. 12th, Kansas City and at 112 W. Lexington, Independence, are closed to the public. County employees are still available to conduct county business by phone, email, U.S. mail, or fax.

• The Jackson County Legislature meeting previously scheduled for April 13 has been canceled. The next scheduled meeting is on April 20.

• The Jackson County Municipal Court is closed to the public. Tickets may be paid and cases may be researched at municipalonlinepayments.com/jacksoncountymo/court/search. Further assistance may be obtained by calling 816-881-1697.

• The 16th Judicial Circuit Courts in Kansas City and independence will not hold in-person hearings or conferences in the courthouses except in extreme circumstances. Court hearings will be conducted by telephone or video conferencing. All jury trials scheduled through April 20 have been continued.

The full order of the Circuit Court setting forth the procedures during this emergency period, including a list of phone numbers for further questions, can be found at https://www.16thcircuit.org/.

• The Jackson County Assessment Department offices are closed to the public. Business with the Assessment Department may be conducted by phone, email, fax or U.S. mail. Numbers to call and emails include assessment@jacksongov.org, 816-881-1330 for personal property; assessment@jacksongov.org or 816-881-4672 for business personal property; and assessment@jacksongov.org or 816-881-3520 for real property. Assessment data is available for online searches at https://www.jacksongov.org/150/Assessment.

• Jackson County Parks and Recreation has closed all playgrounds, park facilities, campgrounds, marinas, historic sites and the county golf course. Workshops, field trips, and sports leagues normally sponsored by Parks and Red are canceled. Park trails and boat ramps remain open, but citizens are required to maintain social distancing and are not to visit parks when ill.

• Jackson County Public Works has closed all walk-in services until at least April 24. Business can be conducted by electronic communication or U.S. mail. The main number for Public Works is 816-881-4530. For concerns or questions regarding roads and bridges, call 816-847-7050. Building permits and plan review services will be completed by appointment only and for questions on these issues, call 816-881-4649. Construction inspection services will generally be completed as scheduled. Cleanup efforts in Tarsney Lakes and Blue Summit have been postponed indefinitely.

• The Jackson County Jail continues to allow visits with inmates by video visitation which can be accessed at www.videovisitanywhere.com or Securus Video Visit App from the Apple Store or Google Play. Procedures for video visits can be found at jacksongov.org/1047/video-visitation-services.

– Examiner staff