Deputy Chief of Police Stacey Edwards, detective Steven Emberton and officer Chris Myers were happy to braved the steady rain Friday afternoon as a van full of barbecue pulled up in front of the Blue Springs Police Department.

“It would be a lot worse,” joked Edwards, “if we weren’t getting this barbecue.”

Emberton and Myers nodded in agreement as Pointe of Hope Church volunteer Ronni Gochee opened the van's side door so the officers could bring out the first boxes of food.

“This absolutely my favorite thing to do,” said Gochee, as she and nine other volunteers delivered 500 meals Friday afternoon to first responders in Blue Springs and Independence and to nursing homes and the extended-stay hotels in Blue Springs on North Outer Road.

“It’s always important to let our first responders know how much they mean to us, especially now. It might be raining, but I don’t even notice it when I see their smiles.”

Edwards said community support during the COVID-19 quarantine has been more than he ever anticipated.

“The community support has been more than a glimmer of light. It has been a huge beam of light, and we all appreciate the support more than you might ever know,” Edwards said. “When our officers and staff heard Point of Hope was bringing food they got so excited.”

The food was donated by Plowboys Barbeque in Blue Springs.

“We teamed with Plowboys, and are going to be delivering 500 or more meals every Friday through the quarantine,” said Laura Rimmer, Point of Hope’s leader of its community care team.

“The smiles you see from the folks we bring the food to are so genuine, and don’t we all need a smile or two during this quarantine?”