Grain Valley voters on Tuesday gave the go-ahead to a $14.5 million plan to expand Grain Valley High School.

Also, Jan Reding, Jeff Coleman and Tisha Homfeld were re-elected to the Board of Education, turning back challenges by Jeff Wolff and Justin Wulff. Reding led with 1,258 votes, followed by Homfeld 1,170, Coleman 1,089, Wolff 1,056 and Wulff 612.

The school bond issue passed easily – 1,595 votes (66.71 percent) to 796 (33.29 percent).

The high school has been expanded and upgraded several times in recent years as the district continues to grow rapidly, and this will be the fifth phase in the district’s long-range plan to raise its capacity to nearly 1,600 students. The new work will include more space for the performing arts.

The vote does not raise the school district’s debt service tax levy. The district is borrowing to its allowed bond capacity, a cap set by the state.