Prosecutors have charged a Kansas City man in a homicide, apparently over a $4,000 drug deal, this week at the CVS at 23rd and Crysler. The shooter told police he ran into the woods behind the drugstore and buried the gun he used.

Edwin A. Sagastume-Sosa, 23, faces charges of second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

He is accused of shooting Juan Hernandez three or four times with a Rugar .9mm handgun in the CVS parking lot early Monday afternoon. Hernandez stumbled as far as the drugstore entryway while Sagastume-Sosa fled.

When police arrived, they rendered aid to Hernandez, but he died. Prosecutors listed no age or hometown for Hernandez.

Police had a description of the shooter – Hispanic, long hair, white T-shirt, shorts – from a witness, and they used Hernandez’ phone messages to find a connection with Sagastume-Sosa. When police arrested him Thursday at a Kansas City hotel, he had nearly shaved his head and told police it was to change his appearance in case the family of Hernandez came after him.

Police say Sagastume-Sosa confessed to the killing. He said Hernandez threatened him, and he feared for his safety and his family’s safety. But police showed him text messages between the two men, and then Sagastume-Sosa said he had gone to the CVS parking lot with $4,000 to buy “a kilo.” He said he approached Hernandez, who he said was aggressive and confronted him, and he shot Hernandez three or four times.

Sagastume-Sosa said he got into the white Tahoe he had arrived in, and the driver spun around to the back of the CVS and told him to get out. He did and went to the south through the woods and a creek. He said he found a patch of loose soil and buried the Ruger.