Name: Christian Winingar

High School: Fort Osage

Class rank: 2

Academic honors: National Honor Society, Scholar Athlete, Academic Letter, All Fort Osage 2019

Major extracurricular activities: Member of cross country, soccer and track and field teams, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Club 121, Christ United Methodist Church Youth Group (community service, worship, acolyte and acolyte trainer), Harvesters Food Pantry volunteer, Accept Zero 5K fundraiser volunteer, Relay for Life volunteer.

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

My most inspirational teacher was my precalculus and calculus teacher, Coach Brock Bult. He taught me how to learn difficult material and how to study. He forced me to apply myself to my coursework if I wanted to be successful. By doing this I learned hard work and perseverance. He helped me become a better person and was always someone I could count on throughout my high school career.

What college are you attending and why did you pick that school?

I am going to attend the Missouri University of Science & Technology, or Missouri S&T. Throughout high school I have taken multiple engineering classes and found a passion for engineering. I believe Missouri S&T is a good college for engineering, and I will be able to learn a lot of new information and get a degree in electrical engineering.

What are your plans after college?

After college I plan on entering the workforce with a career related to electrical engineering.