Name: Matthew Dygert

High school: Blue Springs High School

Class rank: 5

Academic honors: Missouri Academy Scholar, National Merit Finalist winner, Presidential Scholar nominee, Harvard Book Prize nominee

Major extracurricular activities: Choir (chamber, a cappella, men’s chorus), Scholar Bowl (varsity captain).

Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?

I have three. Mr. Nathan Rudolph, my choirmaster, has been a valuable mentor to me, advising me not only on my vocal path, but also in my personal life. We have enjoyed many a philosophical discussion. Mrs. Tara Edwards, my English teacher, has been supportive, especially in my relationships within my peers at school. I have never connected well with people my age, and she has helped me navigate that. Finally, Mrs. Jennifer Wilson. She is simply a kind, easy-going person. We have spent many days listening to music by the Eagles, enjoying ourselves, and that makes for a good memory.

What college are you attending, and why did you pick that school?

As of yet, my college of choice is the University of Missouri at Columbia, simply because of the financial benefits.

What are your plans after college?

I want to become a theoretical physicist, discovering some hidden secret of the universe.