Many protests and rallies across the country in recent weeks involved people calling for police reform.

Organizers of Saturday afternoon’s rally in Independence, which drew a few dozen people, including families of officers and a handful of active and retired officers among the citizens, called on people to show their support for commendable law enforcement agencies.

"We are fortunate to have (the area police departments), they do a fantastic job," Mike Lyons told the crowd gathered near City Hall and police headquarters. "God made the law for lawbreakers, and you have to have someone to enforce it."

While some drivers-by honked their approval of signs held by some supporters, Lyons encouraged people to let elected officials know in writing that many people still support the police.

"Letters of support to our governor wouldn’t hurt at all – letters to Washington, D.C. …a monsoon of letters from those who respect this country and love humanity," Lyons said. "We need to become a group of believers in law and order.

Independence resident Edward Hylton, one of the rally organizers and a former police officer in Trenton, Missouri, said it’s important that law enforcement officers be able to do their job without constantly second-guessing themselves.

"We can’t have officers that don’t have the confidence that they can do their job," he said. "When an officer has to double-think about what’s going on, their life is in peril."

Independence Police Captain Adam Dustman said the department feels the support from the community.

"We hear it all the time," he told the crowd.

Dustman said police "understand there is a broader conversation that needs to happen, and we’re willing to engage in that," but in general IPD believes it has developed a good rapport with the community.