Since many cities aren’t having fireworks shows this year people are buying fireworks so they can put on their own shows. This is cool and scary at the same time. Every year emergency rooms see around 180 people with fireworks related injuries each day around July Fourth. Total injuries reach in the tens of thousands. That being said, you need to be careful.

Also, you have to keep your pets safe from not only the risk of physical injury but the trauma of the loud bangs. Our pets don’t understand July Fourth celebrations. To them it’s loud and scary. This is why pets become lost.

More pets run away during the Fourth of July than any other time during the year. Just in case be sure your pet is microchipped and is wearing a collar with identifying tags.

The best-case scenario is to keep your pets inside. Put them in a cool place where you can muffle the sounds of the outside noise. Play some soothing music. I’ve used new-age music for years. If you have Pandora or Sirius radio, or possibly some new-age CD’s but keep the volume fairly low. You want to soothe your pets not blow them out of the room. It would also help to give them something to keep them busy like a Busy or Smart Bone or a Kong toy with peanut butter or frozen pumpkin inside.

When you take them outside to potty please don’t get angry if they don’t go. Your pets will go when they absolutely have to. The outside noise is so scary to them! My border collie was so skittish during the Fourth that she would hold her water way longer than I thought she could but when she had to go, she went!

Animals Best Friends wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July. Please be careful when using fireworks and please keep your pets safe inside away from the noise and danger.