New grocery store not needed in Salem East

I read in The Examiner that the grocery store project at U.S. 24 and Salem is still alive (“Grocery development plan revived,” April 5) – and I am among lots of Salem East area residents who wish it would go away or at the least move a couple of miles east to the Little Blue Parkway area.

I understand the owners of the 11-plus acres have a right to improve their property as they see fit, but I really wish they would circulate a questionnaire to the surrounding neighborhoods, which will be adversely affected by the noise/lights/traffic of this project.

I disagree with this quote from the article, “We look at what'’s best for the community and city as a whole,” since I don’t believe this project will improve our quality of life one bit. We don’t get to vote on this as Jackson County residents, we just get another place to pay taxes to Independence. This company wants to build this mammoth structure that will provide another option to buy food – and we don’t need another source for food since it’s available in every convenience store/dollar store/restaurant (mostly Mexican and Chinese) as well as the grocery stores. What we need is somewhere to work off calories, not consume more.

It seems no one is happy with an empty lot where the wildlife is plentiful. My father stated many years ago this country won’t be content until there is a road or a building on every square inch of land – so true!

Please, Independence City Council, do not move forward with this project. East Independence residents make your thoughts known to the council at this website:

Patty Hopkins



True paranoia and prejudice

I have a problem with the letter, “Stop the attacks on Christian beliefs” (Letters to the editor, April 5).

I fail to see how the Kansas City mayor is anti-Christian by pointing out the results of an ill-conceived law being pushed by bought and paid for Republicans in the Missouri Legislature whose only real interest is getting re-elected.

I can't understand how a business selling to the public and being required to sell to individuals that the business person doesn't approve of is an attack against Christians. Will the businesses place a sign on their door listing who they won’t serve? I grew up in the ’40s and ’50s and saw a lot of those signs. I thought we had outgrown such idiocy.

All in all the letter sounds like a propaganda press release sent out by some fundamentalists organization. It's a common assertion, but without much substance or credibility. The overall tone is very similar to the thinking and actions of ISIS.

For the writer’s information, I am 78, born and raised as a Christian. I don’t feel that I am being attacked, other than by those who insist that I believe and adhere to their interpretation of what is God's plan.

Dave Reeve