Celebrate Perioperative Nurse Week in November

If you or someone you love has had a surgical procedure, a perioperative registered nurse was directly responsible for you or your loved one's well-being throughout the operation. While all of the other medical professionals in the room, including the surgeon, anesthesia provider, surgical assistant and other assistive personnel, are focused on their specific duty, the perioperative registered nurse focuses on the patient for the duration of the procedure.

Each year during Perioperative Nurse Week, which is Nov. 12-18 this year, I renew my commitment to be my patients’ advocate and to safe patient care by following the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses' evidence based guidelines.

The next time you or a family member is a surgical patient, ask us about what we do to keep patients safe. Please join us in celebrating perioperative nurses and our dedication to safe patient care for 2017 Perioperative Nurse Week.

Louann Huffman, RN, Kansas City

President, Greater KC AORN


Only a couple occasions to kneel are appropriate

We kneel when we pray and when in the presence of the Pope and monarchs.

'Nuf said.'

Nancy Cramer, Independence


Expanding Medicaid is better option for saving Missouri jobs

Gov. Eric Greitens is fighting hard to bring Amazon to Missouri. He is willing to spend billions of our money to bribe them. He says it is a good investment because it will improve the economy and bring thousands of jobs.

Why fight so hard and give away so many of our tax dollars. There has been a much cheaper help the legislature has rejected for eight years – with an added benefit. He just has to get the legislature to expand Medicaid. The state Chamber of Commerce says expansion will create about 24,000 new jobs, plus saving thousands of jobs of employees from rural hospitals that continue to close due to lack of insured patients.

The added benefit? In addition to improving economy and creating jobs, Medicaid expansion will save lives. Isn’t that the most important factor?

Martin Walsh, Glendale, Mo.