System is rigged only to corrupt politicians

Open letter to Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill:

Every day I learn something new. Many times, I learn something about how our government really works, which is so stupid or so illegal it makes my head hurt. When I hear those in Congress speak about how their popularity is so low you all need to do something, is nothing but a ploy to make themselves out as the good guys who would really like to turn things around when you and everyone else knows is a lie.

I recently learned of a tactic both sides use to thwart or block legal nominees that any president makes to staff the government, so it can run. (Don’t get me wrong here I believe we could cut 33 percent of government personnel if the government ran close to efficient, but that’s a digression).

The action I’m speaking of is the “Blue Slip.” Blue slips are protests that senators can lodge against nominees who come from their home states. Right now, Democratic senators are abusing the practice to block nominees for federal Judges. Now, mind you this is used by both sides of the aisle. This is not a legal requirement, but rather a tradition and nothing more. It’s a way for both sides to waste time and block those who are at political odds with the opposing party.

Are you all so stupid as to not realize this is the sort of thing that the people are just so sick and so tired of you playing? The government doesn’t work because you and everyone else have allowed yourselves to be corrupted. You are corrupt. You didn’t go there to make yourselves rich, but soon after your arrival, you had the system laid in front of you of how this all works. Maybe, it wasn’t what you thought when you arrived, but soon you saw it is either go with the flow (establishment) or resign. By staying, at least you’ll get paid for playing the game to steal. Oh please, don’t act so indignant as to deny the truth. You’re not able to hide this stuff any longer, so don’t deny it.

Committee seats and chairmanships of those committees are not merit based but rather they are purchased with cold hard cash. Oh, but where does the cash come from? It comes from the lobbyist. The lobbyist who has a big stake in how that committee runs and the outcome it produces.

These two things are but a small helping of what you all dish out every day that most don’t know about. The system is rigged folks. Catch a clue if you haven’t already. The swamp is real and there is never a good guy or strongman to change it.

Don M. McNulty, Independence