Make sure to vote in midterm elections

I want to know when the American people will get control over their own government?

Our government has been turned into a stinking cesspool by Congress stuck in “you did this and you did that,” to the point where they can’t even do the job they were elected to do. This reminds me of a bunch of spoiled brats. The American people deserve better.

Please, don’t forget to vote your choice in the midterm elections!

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove


Cooperating with police Is best way to avoid trouble

In the event that a citizen is stopped by a police officer, there is no good reason for the driver of the vehicle to start a problem as we are seeing nowadays. The driver should do as the officer directs and not start an entanglement. It is a waste of time for both.

The preferred way is for the driver to stop and then put both hands in plain sight on the steering wheel for the officer to see, and if night, turn on the inside ceiling light, this is just a common courtesy. Parents should train their children!

I remember back in Des Moines I took a case where I flew to Denver and on this particular night while there, a patrol car came up behind me and two officers approached my car from two sides. I turned on my vehicle's inside lights and put both of my hands on the steering wheel so they could see no danger. They asked for my ID and there was no problem.

This is the way to be courteous to the police officer, which we all can do!

Robert L. Nauman, Independence