Tax cuts would work for Missouri residents

Gov. Greitens unveiled a plan to cut Missouri taxes by a collective $800 million. As evidenced by the recent federal tax cuts, an $800 million tax cut would jump-start Missouri’s businesses, families, and overall economy.

Between bonus checks, wage increases, and lower prices, well more than three million individuals across the country have already been positively impacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Even in Missouri, we are seeing strong examples of economic growth. One of the most recent announcements came from Dynamic Fastener in Raytown. Due to the recent tax cut, the company will offer $1,000 bonuses and open up a new paint shop, creating new jobs in the process.

Tax cuts work. I’m thankful they were passed on the federal level, and I am optimistic about Missouri’s future if they are also passed here at home.

Kalena Bruce, Stockton, Mo.


President Trump remains unfit for the office

At breakfast this morning a voice from another booth challenged some comments we were making about impeaching President Trump. The voice said adultery prior to the election would not be grounds for impeachment, and he added that Trump was a (self made) millionaire. This in spite of the fact he had a $2 million jump on us ordinary citizens.

I mention that by all accounts he is a serial liar, but of course this is not an impeachable offense. Then I brought up the emoluments issue and the voice said that enrichments to Trump’s holdings did not count because he had separated himself from all his holdings. To this I replied that anyone believing this probably believes in the tooth fairy. So it would seem to some folks Trump is perfectly OK as president even with these rather un-American attributes.

I did not even get to the collusion issue, which even now seems to be going on and on. Nor, did I bring up his mental state of mind. I fervently believe we should all join in the chant, “impeach him now.” Does he even remotely represent the type of person that should be President of the United States?

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit