Bill Baker also was a ‘man of character,’ ‘man of dignity’

After reading the article about Bill Baker on the front page of the April 21 Examiner, I went to the article about Truman and David McCullough. I was immediately struck by how McCullough's description of Harry Truman also fit Bill Baker: "A man of character. A man of integrity. A man who spoke the truth and a man who was traditionally American." That was definitely Bill Baker. How lucky we were to have had him.

Barbara Young, Independence


Will smart meters work if you have Raytown water?

Smart meters? What could go wrong? What happens if you have Independence power and Raytown water?

Nancy Reynolds, Independence


Bringing back the historic Trolley Inn would be great

Please put the Trolley Inn on your list of historic places to restore. It has sat empty for several years. We consider it a neighborhood treasure.

When my friend was in nurses training at the “San,” the girls would walk to the Trolley to get a break from cafeteria food.

When it became Norella's Soup Trolley, it had wonderful homemade soups, fresh bread and desserts, and reuben sandwiches to die for. It has been greatly missed since the library lured the boss away.

It is very sad to see it empty and needing repair as I pass by every day on the way to work.

Carol Coulter, Independence


Little action on a home invasion, robbery is disheartening, concerning

At 4 a.m. on Sunday, March 11, two men decided a home invasion would be a good idea. They smashed the glass on the front door and turned the deadbolt. They had guns. The homeowners, two sisters, were awakened and corralled. The men wanted drugs, “Xanax” by name, guns, jewelry and cash.

The sisters had no drugs, no guns, but did have some cash and jewelry. They also had a dog who was frantic and barking. The men kept threatening to shoot the dog. The men took their car keys and left on foot. Did not take the cars. Why car keys? Probably to keep anyone from coming after them. They wore hoodies. They drive a gold car as evidenced in a pawn shop tape.

Police were called and told the victims the criminals would most likely not be caught. Why? Hmmm. Insiders say because the city prosecutor will not take it further. And, the police will not bust their “butts” when they know it will not be successful. Why not? This is a violent, life-altering crime.

When the robbery showed up in Crime Reports in The Examiner, it was listed as a “burglary.” It was not a burglary. It was an armed home invasion/robbery. The police know the difference between a burglary and a robbery. So does The Examiner.

The victims were not contacted until nine days later by a detective. And even after that, with many follow-ups, no information.

Is this how our safety in Independence is valued? We are watching.

Julie Jones, Independence