Gun regulation is for the safety of us all

Shooting into cars is not the way we determine fault in America. We have police who review the accident and we have adjusters who follow up and investigate. See the witness, check the details and other facts.

It is a law that all vehicle owners carry liability insurance for damage to the other vehicle for simple or gross negligence.

We need to get the guns off the streets for those who carry guns in an unauthorized manner. Persons who have a business license or “general use” would never use such a tool this way. They also have to give their picture and fingerprints as well. All things have to be regulated properly for the protection of all.

Robert L. Nauman, Independence


Trump should not get any of the credit for Korean unification

Anyone remembering the Korean War is probably in favor of a peace treaty and reunification. China and South Korea are doing well while North Korea has become a nuclear joke. Its people apparently have shortages of everything including life, liberty and happiness.

In this case, it is political power rather than religious power holding back modern progress. But, what if (and that is a big if) North Korea suddenly realizes that reversing their militant approach to geopolitics is logical and highly favorable to their future? It would be highly favorable to North Korea, but there is a big negative for the United States.

President Trump, or someone like him, would likely be re-elected. This would continue a disastrous administration both in the United States and internationally. While the president would get all the credit, the truth is he did nothing but be unstable. Possibly the credit should go to South Korea and maybe even China. If East and West Germany can reunify, so can the Koreas. I favor this, but we must not re-elect another tweet-in-chief. A man who, through his chief of the EPA, poisons his own people.

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit