Democrats have gone too far left for Truman

As Congressman Emanuel Cleaver received the annual Truman Good Neighbor Award last week, he commented, “If the country ever needed Harry Truman, it’s now.”

Let’s be realistic, today’s Democratic Party has turned so far to the left, it would never consider Harry Truman as a nominee for president. Truman’s policies were more in line with today’s Republican Party.

Wilson Winch, Independence


Do study of analog meters before adopting ‘smart’ meters

The Independence City Council is still planning on forcing "smart" meters upon its residents. Find out more about these at More than one city official recently said that current analog meters do not read correctly. My bill has steadily increased for 20 years. Should there not be a study to prove these claims?

I request that city officials include this in their current study of electric use and rates.

Richard McKie, Independence


Gun ownership needs better, stricter regulations

The only intelligent review of the subject of gun ownership was by John Curotola who is a 22-year veteran Marine Corps officer and a professor of U.S. history. The subject of his article was “Update our gun laws for context and competency.”

The main thought I gleaned from this article was, “The second amendment is obsolete; i.e., it just no longer applies.” When one objects to this thought, just ask “what militia do you belong to?” Also, why since we have the National Guard performing all such responsible duties. As a retired Army officer I applaud the Marine’s comments.

I further offer the following as the only reasonable solution to reducing the terrorizing use of guns, which again just happened in a school:

• That all gun owners be licensed and limits be approved for the number and type of each weapon. This would be similar to licensing of drivers and autos, including mental evaluations, training in the use of firearms, with special emphasis placed on security of weapons.

• To encourage security if any person other than the owner is found with a weapon, the weapon or weapons should be taken from the owner for at least one year.

• Also, if an underage child is involved, the punishment and severity of the act should be enhanced.

As for schools, each should have a law officer at the entrance with X-ray equipment similar to that found in public buildings. Further, a law officer should be in attendance when children are present. No armed person should be present other than one with training as in the military or of law officers. This with yearly testing.

Wayne Wagner, Independence