Regulations remain vital to protect us from crooked bankers

I just read the some scary articles about rolling back the Dodd-Franks Law, which regulates financial institutions after the collapse of 2008.

So the question now is when (not if) crooked bankers will be able to steal from us again. I have one hope, that the millions who lose their jobs and homes next time are those who voted Republican.

Democrats keep trying to protect us from crooked bankers. Are Democrats oppressive to you? Possibly small bankers are suffering due to greed of big bankers. Is that justification for you and me to be victims of greed?

Are Democrats stifling banks? Sen. Elizabeth Warren has reminded us that banks are making record profits. So let’s not cry for them. Just hope we will not cry for each other. Unfortunately, some regulations are vital.

Martin Walsh, Glendale, Mo.


Diminishing the importance of life leads to suicides

I know there can be any number of reasons for someone committing suicide. As a Christian, I can see a parallel to the reduction of people going to church or even believing in a God to an increase in the number of suicides.

In a society where few hesitate in making the decision to abort a baby when the only reason is they do not want a child diminishes the idea that life is important. When one does not believe in heaven or hell, the decision to kill oneself is only the way to cause the problem(s) to go away. Please seek help before making these terrible decisions.

Roland Sneed, Blue Springs


Another reason that smart meters are not a good idea

I am writing about another possible issue regarding smart meter installation that hasn't been addressed to my knowledge. It is the added security burden to the electrical grid.

I have a relative with a utility company position for a city of about 500,000 people in another state who says they get thousands of attempted hacks every day. Many are from China, Russia and other countries. The city is near a major military site.

My relative said they have a team of people who deal solely with security issues, but said it could take just one un-intercepted hack to cause major problems and smart meters definitely add to security issues.

With Independence near the center of our country and military sites not too far away, there should be concerns about domestic and foreign terrorists hacking through despite the best security measures.

It could be catastrophic if the power in Independence was shut down, affecting police, fire, medical and other necessary services, businesses and homes. Citizens would hold our city government responsible and liable.

The head of recently told me smart meters “create a huge new vulnerability to our electrical grids.” Their phone number is 888-965-6435. He recommends as a good source of electrical grid information.

Our city council should take this seriously when they bring up smart meters again.

B. Perry, Independence