Separating families at the border is a form of torture

The practice of waterboarding was determined to be torture and was stopped.

The latest form of torture being practiced by the current administration is so despicable and horrible that torture doesn't come close to describing the act or the results thereof.

The practice is the physically removing of children from parents who are attempting to immigrate into the USA. The thought being that it will be a deterrent to families trying to do so.

The biblical description of hell would be too good for the formulators of such a practice.

Wayne Wagner, Independence


Voters need to come to the protection of workers

I wonder what the American people think about the immigrant children being taken away from their families. We must keep in mind that most Americans are descendants of immigrants. We can only hope that these children are protected from danger from the wrong kind of people.

I saw recently some members of Congress demanding to see the children and the conditions of their care. But what I found odd about this is that not all of Congress were visiting these children. I wonder if their hearts have turned to stone is why they have not been to those children detention areas.

We must also remember what one of the comments the first lady said, govern with a heart, and that is very true. I will say until the American voter takes a stand against all the insane, mean and other things that are being changed about our government to help do away with our democracy, it will continue to erode before our very eyes.

High tariffs against other countries hurts the businesses in America and also the farmers. The right to work bill is another law Missouri will try to pass in August, and this is a big one because if it passes it will lower wages for every worker in Missouri. We need to all stand tall and fight back by casting our vote “no” against the bill. In doing so you the voter can help workers in our great state.

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove