Start the impeachment hearings right now

There are actually people out there who don’t believe there are grounds to impeach President Trump. Before this point in history I had not believed in alternate universes, but now I am not so sure.

There are clearly grounds to start impeachment hearings. Robert Reich has listed three major ones. I think there are more, particularly if you consider all of the things the framers of the Constitution never anticipated.

To my mind bold-face lying to the American people is an impeachable offense. Poisoning the American people by destroying the EPA is an impeachable offense. Actively working to weaken health care in this country is an impeachable offense.

Some others are: Taking away consumer protections; pushing for the merger of church and state; promoting fossil fuels while knowing they harm the planet; undermining science and rational thought; promoting unlimited weapons of war on the streets; and using immigrants as scapegoats for Nazi-like police actions (let me see your papers).

I may have missed a few. If there are any Republicans with any sense of decency they should join with Democrats in the House of Representative and start impeachment hearings now.

Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit


Winston Apple is needed to serve District 6 in U.S. House

This letter is in support of Gary Winston Apple, who is running for U.S. House of Representative (District 6) in Missouri. I am a personal friend of Winston and have enjoyed sharing with him over the past few years in trying to make Missouri and our nation a better place for everyone.

Winston is more progressive than many of our Democratic leaders and is “the real deal” when it comes to putting people over profits. He and I agree on many important issues that we face as a state and as a nation.

The environment: Winston is an avid supporter of the development and research for renewable, clean energy. He understands that we can have a clean environment AND a healthy economy. In fact, he knows that a clean environment is essential for a strong and vibrant economy.

Single payer health care: This is my passion and Winston and I have talked about this issue on a number of occasions. He realizes that the only way to reduce the per capita cost of care while also providing health care financing for everyone is through a National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) bill such as HR 676.

For profit prisons: Winston understands the conflict of interest issues that come with a for-profit prison system and that we need to completely review and reform our judicial system.

Education: Winston has shared with me his desire for a properly funded educational system that would include preschool through a four-year degree. He knows that if we are to keep pace with the rest of the world, a first class educational system is a must.

Winston has shared with me his desire to introduce proportional voting so that every perspective is heard, represented and respected.

His proposals for a fair and simple tax system, employee free choice, living wage, and many more are worth looking at.

There are so many other issues and proposals that I could include, but time and space are limiting. I would encourage any citizen who wants to see a better state and nation to visit his Facebook page (Apple For The People and website (AppleForThePeople.US) for more.

In addition to his desire to serve the people rather than corporations I have found Winston to be an honest man of integrity and I fully support him.

Terry Flowers, Independence