Cartoon represented shop owners incorrectly

Something that really gets my heart pumping is watching someone make a speech or statement on TV and then see the networks and newspapers write a story that is definitely not what was said and turn it into a negative to promote whatever side they are supporting.

I am afraid that is exactly what you published in The Examiner with the political cartoon titled “Intolerance Street USA” June 28. On the right side of the cartoon is a shop with a window poster saying “No GOP deplorables referring to the restaurant Red Hen kicking out Sarah Sanders and her family because she works for President Trump.

On the left side is a sign saying “No Gays.” At the top are the words “Wedding Cakes, Pastries, Bible.” I know of no retail store that would kick out a person because they are gay.

I owned a small company for 25 years and sold to mom and pop stores and I also had gay customers. The Bible says hate sin, but love everyone.

What has happened, and I know because I follow Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm that is constantly fighting militant LGBT organizations. The organization’s objective is to force Christians to accept their behavior. They will identify a Christian business and go in and demand a baker to bake a cake with gay wedding information on the top, or a photographer to attend a gay wedding, etc. which if done forces the Christian owner to deny his/her Biblical teaching, which is their objective.

When the LGBT organization takes the business to court, they eventually lose. However it takes a great deal of money and time to be able be free from this terrible attack from the LGBT and sometimes they lose their business because of the high costs involved.

Roland Sneed, Blue Springs