Lois McDonald is wise choice in county’s Third District race

The race for the Jackson County Legislature’s Third District provides an interesting choice of sometimes diverse platforms. These platforms offer suggested solutions to many of Jackson County's current issues, but the approach can be a detriment to community neighborhoods. Multiple billboards, numerous mailings, giant yard signs, ethics violation accusations, and threats of lawsuits leave a concerned voting public very tired.

However, this campaign does have a bright spot. Apart from all of the "sound and fury," the candidacy of Lois McDonald does offer voters a "people oriented" approach to citizen representation.

Lois McDonald brings to the table a record of unsurpassed involvement in her community. Her presence is felt as the lead organizer of the Santa-Cali-Gon Days festival, a mother, grandmother, registered nurse, foster parent, small business owner and community activist. Her involvement in all of her roles demonstrates her total commitment to her neighbors, public safety, children, schools and economic development. Lois is a breath of fresh air.

It is time for our County Legislature to experience the likes of a Lois McDonald. I heartily recommend this candidate and ask that the voters of Independence and Sugar Creek give her their support on Aug. 7.

Stan Salva, former mayor of Sugar Creek


Supporting Paul Wrabec in upcoming primary

I will, for the first time, ask for a Dem ballot on Aug. 7.

I want to support a law and order guy from Sugar Creek, Paul Wrabec.

I don't really care who the other candidates are, but I am voting for him.

Jim Turner, Independence