Save Independence money by not renewing Daggett contract

High electric rates have been a concern around Independence for several years. I would like to offer a suggestion to help save some money at Independence Power & Light.

Do not renew the contract with Leon Daggett for his consulting work. As you may recall, Mr. Daggett was the director of IPL for many years. Last summer he left that position. His employment contract was then changed to serving as an economic development consultant to the city of Independence.

In the role of economic development consultant, his contact provided for payment of $219,666 per year as well as travel and associated costs to multiple conferences around the nation.

As I was gathering information regarding Mr. Daggett’s new role with the city of Independence, I asked for “A copy of the regular reports from Mr. Daggett to the city of Independence indicating the specific work performed in compliance with the contract during that time period.”

City hall responded that “There are no written reports.”

It would seem that we already have adequate resources in place to promote the growth of businesses in Independence. We have city staff who work on economic development, the IEDC (Independence Economic Development Council, which the city contributes to) and the Chamber of Commerce.

It would seem, based on the lack of measurable benefit from Mr. Daggett’s services and the other assets we have in place, we might save a substantial amount of our IPL funds by not renewing Mr. Daggett’s contract for another year.

Jason White, Independence


Help the police by reporting crime

Our Kansas City neighbors are experiencing an increase in violent crime. We’ve had some of this activity in northwest Independence, where I live.

We had a drive-by shooting that took the life of an 18-year-old woman who was our neighbor. The attackers were caught by the police, thank goodness. The culprits will get justice in a court of law.

We’ve had good support from our neighbors and police, by forming a partnership called a Neighborhood Watch Program. We report crime in our neighborhood and the police respond.

Forming a Neighborhood Watch Program is a good way to show respect for your neighbors, report crime and put the criminals who deserve justice in jail.

We respect and honor our U.S. military and veterans. Many members of the police are veterans. We call them to report trouble. They get in harm’s way to protect us from violent criminals and attackers. Show your support by calling the police to report crime.

Jim Turner, Independence


Thank you for helping support Children’s Mercy Hospital

On Aug. 11, the Kansas City Radio Control Association and members of other local radio control flying clubs, held its annual National Model Aviation Day fly-in at Fleming Park in Lee’s Summit. We wish to express our thanks to the readers of The Examiner who visited with us and contributed to our fundraising efforts for Children’s Mercy Hospital. Because of the generosity of the local community we were able to collect more than $1,200, all of which went to Children’s Mercy.

Thank you for supporting this most worthy cause.

Susan Calvin, KCRC contest director