Voters can cut effects of dark money on elections

If voters use this filter it will cut down on the effect of dark money and political propaganda.

Ten quick items to consider:

1. Never vote for people protecting you from threats they created or exaggerated.

2. Cutting taxes (to buy votes?) while ignoring social needs and debt is not worth voting for.

3. Affordable health care is a human right not a privilege for those above the poverty line.

4. No person or party has a lock on what our values are.

5. Everyone should be allowed to vote. Voter suppression is fascism.

6. Anyone complicit in maintaining a dysfunctional and possibly illegitimate administration is not worth your vote.

7. Freedom of (and from) religion does not mean discrimination based on dogma is permissible. This is not a theocratic government.

8. Under our laws the government has no right to police women’s bodies.

9. The United States has the duty to participate and lead in important global matters.

10.The environment, the health of mankind and the earth are more important than jobs alone.

There is no reason to reduce our protected, historical areas to mining and drilling waste lands.

Doing away with regulations should only be done after careful consideration of the issues involved when the regulation was first issued.

Also, remember the NRA is not right on anything. You do not need to carry an AR 15 while you put your children to bed or when you vote. People receiving aid from the NRA approve of more guns on the streets with little or no regulation and they demonstrate a lack of backbone by selling out to a not-right-on-anything organization.

And, one last thing, the Supreme Court only works properly if the appointees are not rubber stamps of a particular political party. A strict, originalist judge is one unable to cope with current issues in need of wise decision making.

– Charles Payne, Lee’s Summit