Women need to vote out legislators who passed abortion bill

The women in this great state of Missouri need to unite against the Missouri Legislature. I’m sure the ladies noticed how gleeful and so happy to almost tears the men in this legislature were when the strict abortion law passed. Even the governor of Missouri said he was so happy to save so many lives.

There will be a backlash by taking names, and checking them twice, of all who voted yes, and I expect the next election those could be voted out of office.

We want to see the same enthusiasm for federal money for Medicaid passed, help for those less fortunate, help for senior citizens, help for your children, safety in our schools, more money for police officers and firemen, the roads and bridges repaired in our state. So I say fill your tanks, “get busy” and do the job you were elected to do, because right now, in my opinion, this legislature and governor are running on empty. Politicians, don’t even think of trying to dismantle “Clean Missouri” that the voters approved. We’re asking that politics stay clean in Missouri.

Judy Wanager

Oak Grove


Standing water in roadways needs to be a priority for Independence, Sugar Creek

I recently had to drive to Independence on several days during the recent rains. Specifically, I was on (U.S.) 24 Highway in the Sugar Creek and Fairmount areas.

Several roads were closed due to flooded roadways and even when I took an alternate route, I was again re-routed to dry roads. This is not the case in other parts of the Kansas City metro area where infrastructure has been a priority.

The standing water is problematic not only for drivers trying to get to work, appointments, etc., but also for emergency vehicles. Finally, the standing water likely poses a public health problem.

Your paper is encouraged to shine a light on this issue and encourage leadership in Sugar Creek, Fairmount and Independence to come together and get this resolved.

Jack Barreca

Kansas City