Hoping City Council is able to come to decision on Dougherty

I am writing this letter to the editor in the hope that the City Council can come to a meeting of the minds on this national issue of "racism" before Independence is thrust into the national debate, which will only deepen the divide between us.

I am placing my trust in Mayor Weir and the City Council of Independence to not let this article raised in the Kansas City Star on Wednesday, July 17, about Mr. Curt Dougherty's comments on 'Middle Easterners' thrust Independence into this middle of this national debate on racism.

I don't know Mr. Dougherty, but he was elected by his district, and seems to have been helpful in previous discussions on important issues such as dealing with medical marijuana, payday loan businesses, pawn shops, tattoo shops, etc. I am sure most of us have made statements when speaking on sensitive issues that we wish we could take back.

Before we get too heated against him, let's allow the City Council to come together and see if they can help solve this issue before someone from our city starts talking about telling Middle Easterners to go back from where they came from.

Talking with people we disagree with sometimes helps in getting to know them better. We have a sign in our front yard in three languages (English, Spanish and Arabic) telling our neighborhood that "We are glad you are our neighbor and you are welcome in our neighborhood."

Rev. Joe Bayless, Independence


Time for electroshock therapy to be discontinued

Providers at leading medical institutions using a device and procedure since 1930s that has no FDA testing for safety or effectiveness. Procedure called electroshock involves up to 450 volts to the brain and greater.

In the past, only approved for use in severe depression and as a last resort, but not so any longer. Used for many conditions, and on our children, veterans, and during pregnancy. Under the guise of help it is actually inflicting traumatic brain injuries at a minimum, now proven in a court of law. Suits are being pursued around product liability, medical malpractice and against the FDA. There are billions involved in U.S. annually. Trusted providers criminally failing in their duty to warn, protect and not harm.

Patients have been discounted in their complaints by their providers secondary to fear of litigation. They have been harmed under the guise of help for great profits. It is time to expose this despite the monies, positions, and reputations involved. The public is at great risk and major media will not address in protecting the powerful. Please see ectjustice. Thank you.

Deborah Schwartzkopff, McMinnville, Ore.