Jeff Fox: The humble heart of our greatest holiday
Jeff Fox 
Stephen L. Carter: Language does matter, so please don't call inflation 'transitory'
Stephen L. Carter 
Sharon Randall: Embrace today's big dreams, and the ones to come
Sharon Randall 
Independence facing challenges ahead
Brent Schondelmeyer 
Trudy Rubin: Top general stresses America's need to adapt to historic power shifts
Trudy Rubin 
Jeff Fox: A great idea whose time has passed?
Jeff Fox 
Bob Buckley: Good outweighs the bad in medical advances
Carl Leubsdorf: America is paying a steep price for its deep divisions
Carl Leubsdorf 
Martin Schram: A president's words come back to haunt him
Martin Schram 
Phil Hanson: Community foundation grants keep pace with changing needs
Phil Hanson 
Ken Garten: AG needs to halt political lawsuits
Doyle McManus: As bad as Jan. 6, it may have set the stage for worse
Doyle McManus 
Sharon Randall: Unshakeable faith in a closely held dream
Sharon Randall 
Jeff Fox: A few fleeting hours of respite
Jeff Fox 
Pat Buchanan: Who decides what kids should be taught?
Pat Buchanan 
Jeff Fox: The long, lonely trail to trendiness
Sharon Randall: Fancy or plain, celebrations matter
Sharon Randall 
Doyle McManus: Climate is warming, but world leaders have a chance to fix that
Doyle McManus 
Phill Brooks: A Missouri newspaper did the right thing, and the governor calls that a crime
Phill Brooks 
Pat Buchanan China challenges U.S. and others, but is it a bluff?
Pat Buchanan 
Pat Buchanan: In Afghanistan, the worst is yet to come
Pat Buchanan 
Sandy Turner: Turn down the noise and news; turn up the sunshine
Diane Mack: Going higher and faster, with purpose
Ron Finke: Closed-end funds have performed well
Jeff Fox: Longing to sing a new song
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