Get involved to help get assault weapons banned

When does insanity become obvious? It is obvious now. If you believe in this country, if you believe in God, if you believe in common sense, please become involved in the effort to again ban assault weapons in this country.

Why, in God’s name, does any citizen need an automatic assault weapon? Go to for information on how you can help rid this country of these useless and destructive weapons.

Our national politicians need a blunt message that they work for us, not the NRA or their political “leaders.” And no, the Supreme Court has made clear that limits on the right to bear arms does not violate the Second Amendment. On the contrary, our founding fathers would be horrified if they knew how their words were being used for political advantage by current politicians.

Act. Become involved. It’s the only way that this insanity will stop.

Tom Reck, Independence


Self-checkout and kiosks eliminating needed jobs

I have noticed a growing trend amongst retailers in our area, which I assume is nationwide. Popping up in stores throughout the area are self check out/self service areas for customers.

In this ever growing trend, stores offer fewer clerks to check out consumers and replace them with stations where customers do this instead. The few available clerk attended stations are then place far away from customer traffic to render them less convenient.

Following in these footsteps, fast food chains are now replacing counter help with self-ordering kiosks where customers place their own orders prior to going to a single station for payment. No effort at customer service or contact seems to be involved in sales any longer and the bottom line seems to be to eliminate employees and their cost to the business.

Businesses in America just received a huge tax reduction from the government, which is permanent, unlike that given to individuals. The loss of jobs in this country was one of the key issues of the last presidential election. The retail jobs being removed by this trend fly in the face of the tax break, which was to stimulate job growth and security.

Every time one uses the self checkout station at any retail store or eating establishment they are producing two primary actions. First, they are helping eliminate employees and their benefits to the financial advantage of the store. Second, they are eliminating many entry level jobs which serve new young employees and many older long-term workers.

The only blessing in all this is for the consumer, which is given a 10 percent discount for doing so – they do give you one don't they?

Steve Cauveren, Independence


City should not eliminate the Health Department

“No” to the city eliminating the Health Department (“Reference – City Manager Zach Walker, March 1, 2018.”)

The flu epidemic isn't over and the worst in our time. The Health Department is needed more now than ever. The city manager is one of the highest paid employees. The Examiner should publish his wages since he is worried about the financial part.

Thank you Examiner for making it top headlines. It should not be dumped on other departments who have their jobs to do.

I'm a taxpayer and pay his wages, so I too have my rights. I'll be 90 years old my next birthday, so we've paid close to 70 years of taxes.

The Health Department should stay because it's needed now more than ever!

Myrtle Kirkwood, Independence