Ryan Waters has done some remarkable things in a short period of time.

The Independence native was a two-time All-American defensive end at Northwest Missouri State University, where he established the career sack mark of 27.5 before earning a business degree and playing in two national championship games (2005 and 2006).

At the tender age of 24, he opened his first gym, Lift Above. Six years later he opened his first Shredd gym. And a week and a half ago, he opened his third gym – Shredd, at 129 S.E. Third Street in Lee’s Summit – and he calls it his masterpiece.

“They talk about one-stop shopping, a place you go and get everything you need instead of running all over town,” said Waters, a 2002 graduate of Fort Osage High School. “Well, I like to think of my new Shredd location as being a one-stop for personal training, yoga, the different classes we offer – core, cardio, strength, mobility – along with our supplements, prepared meals and smoothies (smoothie bowls, açaí bowls, grab-and-go meals, greens and snacks).

“I like to say that you can come here and get a Shredd-ucation.”

The 4,200-square foot facility is the perfect home for Waters, a larger-than-life entrepreneur who offers a larger-than-life training facility that is the brushed steel and stone version of its creator.

“I wanted some place special,” said Waters, who personifies his namesake gym, as he is tattooed, built and filled with enough energy to keep the electricity going. “I think we did it right, and I’m proud of what we have here.”

The longtime professional trainer said he got his work ethic from his father, Randy, the former vice president of production for the Kansas City Star who is now a regional vice president for the McClatchy Company.

“My dad had a great work ethic and he passed it on to me,” said Waters, who graduated from Fort Osage before it became an Eastern Jackson County football power. “I worked hard in high school, and even though we didn’t win many games, my hard work got me to Northwest Missouri State, where I was in on the ground floor of all that program’s success.

“I take the same approach to business that I did when I became an All-American defensive end for the Bearcats. No one is going to outwork me – no one! People told me I was nuts when I opened my own gym when I was 24.

“But every step I’ve taken has gotten bigger and better. I’ve worked with Division I athletes, NFL players and stay-at-home moms.

“If you come in here, you’re not going to be spinning your wheels. I want this to be a niche location for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. If you have a question, I will answer it.

“If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you. I mean that, if you come me to work out, lose weight, get bigger, better, stronger and faster, it’s going to happen.”

His conviction is as much a part of Shredd as the rooms full of every kind of weight the novice or the pro can imagine.

And he works with Danielle Martens, who runs Shreddlicious (308 S.E. Green St. in Lee’s Summit), the smoothie and supplement branch of Shredd. Martens lives in Lee’s Summit and is a graduate of St. Teresa’s Academy, where she was the Missouri High School Girls Soccer Player of the Year and Kansas City All-Metro Player of the Year.

She played her collegiate soccer at Marquette and San Diego State University, where she studied exercise science.

“She’s as serious as I am,” Waters said, “we make a good team.”

And anyone who walks through Shredd’s doors will soon find themselves a part of that team, Waters said.

“I love what I do, and I live for helping people change their lives and build more confidence than they believed was possible,” Waters said. “It’s all about continuous growth, personally and professionally.”

For more information, call Shredd at 816-588-9609 or visit theshredd.com.