Whether he’s mowing the lawn of his Lee’s Summit home or taking the family dog for a walk in the 95-degree weather, it’s days like Monday that keep Kansas City Mavericks coach John-Scott Dickson energized.

“Yeah, when it’s as hot as it’s been, you kind of dream of the rink and getting back to hockey,” Dickson said Monday, after the team released the names of eight players who have received qualifying offers from the Mavericks.

The Mavericks sent qualifying offers to forwards Jared VanWormer, Mark Cooper, Andrew Radjenovic and Zeb Knutson and defensemen Jordan Klimek, Cliff Watson, Brett Beauvais and Brayden Sherbinin.

Players who had already signed a contract by June 30 did not need to receive a qualifying offer.

“We have already announced the signings of (C.J.) Eick and (Loren) Ulett, and we’ve signed a few more guys, and right now, we’re trying to get the guys back who played such a key role in our success last season,” the coach said.

The Mavericks reached the playoffs last year after missing postseason action in the previous two seasons.

“We want to get as many of the core guys back,” he added, “who remembered the feeling after that loss in Game 7. We’re doing something special here and we’re doing all we can to make an ever deeper run into the playoffs.”

Each team can reserve the rights to a maximum of eight qualified players. Of the eight qualified players, no more than four can be veterans (260 regular season professional hockey games played as of the start of the 2019-20 season). Players on open qualifying offers cannot be traded.

“We don’t have a veteran in that group we went with the qualifying offers to,” Dickson said. “We’re going to look at free agents, possible trades, anything to make us a stronger team this season.”

The qualifying offer remains open for acceptance until July 16. Then the

Teams that extend a qualifying offer to a non-veteran player retain the rights to that player for one season.

“That way, if a guy goes and plays in Europe, we still have his signing rights when he returns and possibly comes to play in the ECHL,” Dickson explained.

Team retain rights to veterans or goaltenders who have played more than 180 regular season games only until July 16. After that, those players become a restricted free agent and can seek offers elsewhere. Restricted free agents, who can’t be traded, become unrestricted free agents if they are not signed to an ECHL contract or offer sheet by Aug. 1.

“We want to keep our fans updated on everything going on, because we have some announcements coming up that we’re sure they will like,” Dickson said.