WHAT: Encore Theatre and Children's Performing Theatre of Independence present “Night at the Wax Museum,” a lighthearted musical comedy by Bill Francoeur and Craig Sodaro, directed by Sandy Dempsey and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

WHERE: Powerhouse Theatre at the Sermon Center, 201 N. Dodgion Ave., Independence (corner of Truman and Noland roads).

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday and July 19-20, 2 p.m. Sunday at July 21.

HOW MUCH: Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors and $4 for children 10-younger. Call 816-325-7367 for reservations or purchase at the box office.

WHAT'S THE SHOW ABOUT: The hysterical meets the historical in this comic romp through the wackiest wax museum in history. School’s out for summer, but not for six unlucky students who don’t know much about history, as they have to retake the class in summer school. First-year teacher Heather Fairchild has arranged for them to help her two aunts set up a new wax museum as a class project.

Though the students’ eyes glaze over with boredom, there’s a twinkle in the wax figures’ eyes when a mysterious incantation from the back of Cleopatra’s bracelet brings them to life. King Henry VIII finds himself smitten with Cleopatra, making his queen, Anne Boleyn, furious. If she can just not lose her head, John Adams is there to serve as her divorce attorney. When Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Blackbeard and a bevy of lady pirates show up, and everybody’s out for one thing – treasure! Supposedly, there’s a valuable one hidden in the museum. It’s a wild goose chase to find it, with a greedy museum landlord and her bumbling son joining in the mad search. And why is Lizzie Borden lurking in the shadows, since the aunts say they never had a wax figure of her? Join the hilarious fun as treasure-hungry outlaws, pirates and royalty mount the greatest siege since Vicksburg. (from pioneerdrama.com)


Character: Actor

Emily Blake: Quince Esch (Kimberly Kuhlman on July 21)

Victor Tates: Donovan Yelton

Carrie Gale: Olivia Roberts

Joel Kreeble: Tynnley Volrath

Rolf Rizzo: Jacob Simmons

Lupe Lopez: Olivia Simmons

Heather Fairchild: Dara Day

Ivy Sweet: Debbie Culver

Ethel Lockhead: Virginia Hudson

Hazel Smithy-Withy: Maria Leeper

Julene Fairchild: Jennifer Simmons

Jolene Fairchild: Melinda Deason

Skip Webster: Sam Culver

Violet Sneed: Lauri Larsen

Jasper Sneed: Ares Brinkley

Polly Popper: Shaylee Murray

Cleopatra: Arwen Como

Henry VIII: Connor Pointer

Anne Boleyn: Madison Rasnic

Anne Bonny: Jourdain Everts

Mary Read: Sophia Crimins

Madame Ching: Carolyn Leeper

Blackbeard: Elijah Watkins

Pirates: Seth Simmons, Carson Simmons

Butch Cassidy: Malachi Deason

Sundance Kid: Wayne Simmons

Pancho Villa: Becky Como

Calamity Jane: Cecelia Rancatore

Lizzie Borden: Marissa Carter

John Adams: Molly Friel

Attendants: Kimberly Kuhlman, Avery Morton


– Compiled by Mike Genet