Christmas is coming, are you ready? Here are some reading gift suggestions:

• A new sportsman's book, “A History of North American Goose Hunting: Images of the Morning's Sport,” by G.K. Chambers, provides an interesting look at the sport and is now available to the public.

The book contains more than 500 antique and vintage images of goose hunters, hunting camps, decoys, guns and the many dogs employed in waterfowling. It tracks goose fowling from early subsistence hunting, to market hunting, to the sport hunting of today.

Tracking the development of the sport from the earliest etchings, tintypes, albumen prints and up through film photography, this pictorial history traces the development of techniques not much changed in the past century and a half.

The 551-page, hard-bound volume includes long-outlawed and rarely seen images of hunts with live decoys, and notes the intricate techniques used with them. It also outlines the role early goose hunters played in the evolution of the conservation movement. Waterfowl management techniques such as refuges, banding and licensing are also covered.

Chambers’ book is available online at, through Amazon, or by mail from: G.K. Chambers, 15350 CR 314, Tyler, TX 75706. It is priced at $86 per volume, shipping included.

More information is available from or by calling 903-315-0614.

• “300+ Crappie Fishing Tips” by Tim Huffman.

Charles and Travis Bunting have won three Crappie Classic Championships, Angler Team of the Year, state championships and many other wins. They are perfect for sharing in-depth details about techniques, tactics and tournament tips that can be applied to recreational fishing.

Their 300-plus tips give specific information to help you put more fish on the end of your line. A few topics include jigging, run-and-gun tactics, slow trolling, high water, fall transition, fish habits and more. This book is fun, easy reading with basic to advanced tips. Available from Amazon, Kindle version $3.99; paperback $12.95.

• “In the Land of The Bear” provides an inside look at the excitement, mystery, danger and adventure of hunting and traveling in Russia from 1991 through 2014. Geurink was the first American big game outfitter to take hunting clients to Siberia, operating in a strange land among a foreign culture that, he believes, closely resembled the America’s Wild West 150-175-years ago.

Geurink’s book is 286 pages and sells for $21.95 plus shipping and $4 handling for the first copy. Additional copies are 99 cents shipping.

Published by Target Communications Outdoor Books-Glenn Helgeland, Pres. at 262-402-7668,, or available on Amazon.

• "Cooking Gone Wild Cookbook"

Gary Howey at Outdoorsmen Productions presents their "Cooking Gone Wild Cookbook." Over the last 27 years, Outdoorsmen Productions LLC, Outdoorsmen Adventures Television, team members and camera crew have traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico hunting and fishing.

On these trips, they had the opportunity to spend time at the dinner table to partake of many outstanding meals that were put together by some of the finest cooks and chefs in the world.

There is nothing better that wild game. It's nutritious and it's healthier than many other types of meat.

The 196-page cookbook features recipes for fish, deer, antelope, elk, pheasant, rabbit, turkey and numerous other wildlife.

It can be purchased from Outdoorsmen Productions, 405 North Broadway, Ste. 354, Hartington, Neb., for $14.99 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling.

• Drawing on her experience as a writer and now, a hunter, Kristine Houtman recently authored “Why Women Hunt,” a series of 18 profiles on women hunters from across the country.

Published in June by Wild River Press of Mill Creek, Wash., the 242-page coffee table-style book is rich in color photos and delves into a common question Houtman asked each woman: “Tell me about a hunt that changed you.”

Houtman didn’t want the book to be about the most well-known women hunters, she says, instead choosing to dig deeper into the stories of the women she profiled.

Brenda Valentine, whom Houtman calls “The First Lady of Hunting,” helped her build a list of women to feature. Valentine also wrote the foreword to the book.

“Most of the women are gals that I have met in my travels and in my writing and in my work,” said Houtman. “I maybe knew a little snippet of their stories, but I wanted to dig deeper and find out more.”

The price is $49.95. It is available only online at

• Missouri’s Great Flood of ’93”–Revisiting an Epic Natural disaster,” written by yours truly, is a historical document chronicling the flood from beginning to end in the Missouri River Basin. The book is filled with more than 90 photos. You can order a copy for $35 hardcover and $25 softcover at Kenneth L. Kieser, P.O. Box 901414, KCMO 64190.

– Kenneth Kieser, a veteran outdoors writer and member of the Waterfowlers Hall of Fame and National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, writes a weekly outdoors column for The Examiner. Reach him at