Grain Valley senior Josh Kilpatrick and his coach, Andy Herbert, have surpassed impressive milestones recently.

But those two are the last ones who would mention it.

On Dec. 17, in a game against Kearney, Kilpatrick – a 6-foot-5 chameleon who can play every position on the court, and play it very well – needed 21 points to become just the sixth player in Grain Valley history to surpass 1,000 career points. He finished with a game-high 33.

When his 8-1 Eagles beat Platte Country 58-54 in their eighth game this season on Dec. 20, they helped coach Andy Herbert pick up career win No. 200.

When asked about those lofty numbers, the player and the coach look at each other and grin.

“People are going to remember that Josh scored 1,000 career points, because it is going to be on our leaderboard out in the commons area,” Herbert said as Kilpatrick nodded in agreement. “But no one is really going to remember much about it after this season. The same with my 200th win.

“But, what they will remember is that Josh was a great teammate, a great representative of Grain Valley High School and our basketball and baseball programs and what he meant to our school.

“The numbers aren’t that important. We’re proud of Josh, and I’ve known him since I was his PE coach in kindergarten, but what I will remember about Josh is all the great things he does that have nothing to do with scoring. I hope the bus rides, the practices, the locker room visits, the things all our players do off the court are the things Josh and his teammates remember.”

Herbert paused for a moment, grinned and added: “But I like it when he scores 33 points in a game. It makes my life a lot easier.”

Kilpatrick was quick to add, “Coach means so much to me and all my teammates. It was so special to be a part of his 200th career win, but like he says, the wins are important but no one will ever really remember the score of a game, but we will always remember each other.”

As his longtime teammate and fellow senior Seth Dankenbring walks off the court, he simply says, “Josh is the best and Coach is the best. We are a family. We are not just a team, we are a family and that’s what makes this season so special.”

When finally prompted into talking about his 1,000-point night, Kilpatrick simply says, “The best thing about scoring 1,000 points is that I can talk about my coaches and my teammates.

“Do I score 1,000 points without them and Coach Herbert? No way! The way they supported me after that game, and when Coach Herbert gave me my 1,000-point game ball on Senior Night was amazing.

“Those are the memories I will always remember.”