The 50-year wait for Chiefs fans is over. Sunday the Chiefs Kingdom will watch their favorite NFL franchise play for the Super Bowl trophy.

To say it has been a long time in coming would be the biggest understatement a Chiefs fan could possibly utter. I am just glad I was able to live long enough for the team to make its way to the mountain top.

A lot of Chiefs fans were not around when the team played the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl. It was one of the greatest memories I have ever experienced in sports.

I was a senior in high school and my buddies and I decided we would greet the team when they got back from losing that game. The team flew into the old Municipal Airport and we, along with thousands of other fans, met them at the airport. The crowd rushed out onto the runway to welcome them home. Today we would still be in jail for that insane move. Those are the memories that never die.

In Super Bowl IV, when the Chiefs won the title by beating the Minnesota Vikings, several fraternity brothers and baseball teammates decided to drive down to Kansas City to welcome the world champions home. This time the police were ready for the crowd. There was no running out on the runway until the plane finally landed.

When the plane landed, the doors opened and the party began. Both of those experiences made me a Chiefs fan for life. Being a fan comes with both good and bad times. I was at the longest NFL game ever played on Christmas Day against the Miami Dolphins. That was the most exciting athletic event I have ever seen in almost seven decades of watching sports. It was the day that began the 50-year drought.

I went with my old assistant football coach Bill Summa and we still talk about it to this day. I have never seen or heard a more deafening silence from Chiefs fans since that loss. We took a bus to the game from old Blue Ridge Mall, and from old Municipal Stadium to the mall, not one person said one word until the bus came to a stop.

Memories from Super Bowl LIV will also last a lifetime. What I enjoy most right now is the excitement felt by my two daughters and four grandchildren. They have listened to me say every year that they have been on earth, “This is the year – CHIEFS, SUPER BOWL!” When the team won the AFC Championship against the Tennessee Titans the first two texts I received were from my daughters who said it back to me for the first time. My grandchildren are fired up. My 6-year-old grandson runs around the house wearing a Mahomes jersey and a Chiefs helmet.

Fans become a giant family. That is what Super Sunday will create. Forget all the troubles and opinions. When the kickoff comes around on Feb. 2, 2020, rich, poor, young or old Chiefs fans will all be in the moment together. Win or lose you will never forget the experience.

The media has been analyzing the upcoming game for two weeks, but no one knows who the hero will be and who will be the goat. Without a doubt, blood pressure will be up for every Kansas City fan until the final play.

No matter the outcome, at least the Kansas City football fans and team will at last have their day in the sun. The entire world will be watching our team play on the biggest stage in sports. My advice to everyone and in particular the young fans is to enjoy every single second of the game. It will live with you forever. My prediction is Chiefs 31, 49ers 24. BELIEVE!

• The quote of the week comes from the 33rd president of the United States (who by the way is probably in in heaven wearing his Chiefs colors) Harry S. Truman: “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

– Tim Crone, a William Chrisman High School graduate, is a former activities director and coach for Blue Springs High School and is a host of a weekly radio show, “Off the Wall with Tim Crone,” on KCWJ (1030 AM) 6 p.m. every Monday. He writes a weekly column for The Examiner. Reach him at