Carlos and Khalil Davis weren’t even sure they would be invited to the NFL Combine.

But the Blue Springs High School graduates and former Wildcats football stars got a chance and made the most of their opportunity.

After their performances at the combine in Indianapolis that ended March 1, they’re now on the radar of several NFL general managers for the upcoming NFL Draft.

They were all-state defensive lineman and weight men in track and field at Blue Springs, and the twins have played defensive tackle for Nebraska the past four years. Now, they hope to take their considerable talents to the NFL.

Khalil, 6-foot-1, 308 pounds, ran the fastest 40-yard dash (4.76 seconds) of any interior lineman at the combine in Indianapolis. According to a Nebraska report, Davis' time was the third fastest for any combine participant over 300 pounds since 2003.

His brother wasn’t far behind, as Carlos, 6-2, 313, ran a 4.82-second 40-yard dash. It was the third fastest among interior linemen.

Khalil and Carlos also had the fastest 10-yard splits of any interior defensive linemen at 1.66 and 1.67 seconds, respectively. That is used as a measuring stick for NFL scouts and coaches to judge how quickly a player can get off the line.

They also starred in the bench press with Khalil pressing 250 pounds 32 times (the second most of any interior lineman) and Carlos finishing with 27.

Now, they are hitting the gym and waiting for the draft, which could provide some exciting results.

“The combine was really a surprise, a great surprise,” Khalil said, in a recent phone conversation from Lincoln, Nebraska. “We were waiting and waiting for an invite to the combine.

“They only pick the top players in the country, and I don’t think we were on anyone’s radar. Then, we got an email and were invited and we wanted to make the most of it.”

Carlos said they wanted to prove they were worthy of the invitation.

“We want to go to the combine and show everyone how much talent we had,” Carlos said. “I guess coaches and scouts from the NFL send out the invitations, we really didn’t think we were going to get invited.

“And when we got the invitation, we were talking to each other and said we wanted to go and crush it – and we did.”

Carlos said the time he and his brother spent with Joe Cusack’s state championship track program helped them learn the importance of speed.

“The last time I ran a 40 was in high school and I think I ran a 4.7,” Carlos said. “Being a two-sport athlete in college really prepared me and Khalil for college – because we played football and then threw the shot and discus.

“And we came up here and played football and threw the discus, and that just makes us better all-around athletes.”

And yes, they can still stand flat-footed and do a backflip, which wowed classmates and teammates for four years at Blue Springs.

“I feel like we’re good, all-around athletes and I think we can play in the NFL – if a team wants to give us a chance,” Khalil said. “We’ve talked with the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans and we were supposed to fly to Pittsburgh, but that got canceled because of all the coronavirus stuff going on, so we’re going to set something else up.”

The NFL Draft is scheduled for April 23-25. It was supposed to be in Las Vegas, but the NFL canceled all public events related to the draft, and the draft is expected to go on as planned, but without fans or large gatherings.

The twins said they will find out about their NFL future in Blue Springs.

“We’re going to be with our family and friends somewhere around Blue Springs,” Carlos said. “It could be a big night and we want to share it with our family and everyone who has supported us all these years.”