Jason Stacy has announced his resignation from William Chrisman High School in a move that has surprised many, including the longtime coach, teacher and yearbook and newspaper sponsor.

While he doesn’t want to go into details, he is moving to Ohio for personal/family issues and wants everyone at Chrisman to know what they mean to him.

“I thought I would retire at Chrisman,” said Stacy, who has been at the high school the past 17 years, serving as an assistant basketball coach for 11 years, assistant track coach five years and head cross country coach for seven.

“But things happen that lead to tough decisions. And this is one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make.”

His assistant cross country coach the past three years, Kyle Morse, will take over as the team’s head coach.

“Kyle will do a great job,” Stacy said. “I feel like I’m leaving the team in great hands. He has been an important part of our success since he joined our staff.”

Morse is excited about his new position, but adds, “I am so excited, but Jason is one of my best friends and one of the most passionate people I have ever been around. It is going to be so hard to see him leave Chrisman.”

Chrisman senior Jordan Twenter feels the same way.

“From being a huge inspiration, to becoming someone who can relate to his struggle, Mr. Stacy has become a huge part of my education,” Twenter said. “Not only is he a great coach and teacher, but he treats me like an equal.”

While Twenter is disappointed, he was honored to have Stacy call him personally to tell him about his decision to resign.

“Stacy called me – of all people, he called me,” Twenter said. “He called me first. The morning of his decision he got my number and told me first. He’s like another dad. Someone who supports you in anything and loves you for you. He’s a great guy and I hope in the future, we keep in touch. I’m going to miss him.”

So is activities director Greg McGhee.

“Jason will be greatly missed,” McGhee said. “He truly bleeds blue and gold. Jason would do anything for the kids at Chrisman. Jason was a teacher, coach, colleague, mentor and friend at Chrisman.

“With being the yearbook sponsor, Jason pretty much was a walking history book of Chrisman. Anytime we needed some history about the school, especially athletics, Jason knew. I wish him the very best in his new adventure and I appreciate all he has done for our students at Chrisman.”

While he is disappointed to be leaving Chrisman, it is an exciting time in Stacy’s life as he has self published his first book, “Run.” It is the story of a Special Olympian.

“That’s really exciting,” said Stacy, who has spent much of the past week signing copies of the book for friends and staff at Chrisman. “It’s something I always wanted to do.

“I have so many ideas, I hope this is the first of many books that I’m able to write and publish.”