Gas is up but still much lower than elsewhere

Jeff Fox
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Jeff Fox

The yo-yo doesn't always work in favor of the consumer. Lumber was way up earlier this year, and that was all the buzz. Then those prices came back to earth. 

Autos are up and, thanks to the chip shortage, figure to stay that way. 

Oil was up, so gas was up. Now oil has come down – and gas is still high. 

AAA put the U.S. average price for a gallon of gas at $3.41.9 as of Tuesday, off less than two cents from a week ago but 15.3 cents higher than a month ago. 

In Missouri, that average was $3.11.4 – tied with Wisconsin for third-lowest in the country. That’s down two cents from last week but up 15.6 cents from a month ago. A year ago the average was $1.76.4. 

By AAA figures, Jackson County has among the lowest gas prices in the country, $3.06.5 a gallon as of Tuesday. 

Quick hits 

A Blue Springs business that's been around for about a year held a ribbon cutting a couple weeks ago. (The pandemic has delayed a lot of ribbon-cuttings.) The company is Two Jewelers, 501 N.W. Fifth St., in the strip office area behind Hobby Lobby on Missouri 7. ... Outdoor recreation adds $6.45 billon to Missouri's economy each year, according to figures released this week by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. That's 2 percent of Missouri's GDP, the BEA estimates. No state runs higher than 4.3 percent. Outdoor recreation sustains more than 79,000 Missouri jobs, or 2.8 percent of the state's total. Nationwide, the figures are 4.32 million jobs and an annual economic impact of $374.2 billion. 

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