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Annie Dear: Click more, live better

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The Examiner
The Examiner

You know you can dislike someone for their politics. You can dislike someone for their business practices. You can still admire them for their achievements in spite of all the rest.

I will confess I am an unashamed Amazon lover.

It’s like Aladdin’s cave to me. Open sesame, I mutter at my computer, and a whole world of pseudo retail opens up in front of me.

I’ve promised to bring a dessert to friends who’ve invited us to dinner later this week. Dessert and I don’t really get along, and I figure a box of chocolates will salve the sweet tooth in anyone, but in all conscience I cannot be that lazy. Well, I can, but in this instance I chose not to.

Being gluten-cranky, coming up with sweeties for the end of a meal, coupled with Sir’s absolute abhorrence of anything fruity, dessert poses a real challenge.

However, I’m up to the task. When in doubt, fall back on something hugely popular in the 70s, and chocolate mousse, I’m all over you like a rash. But wait! I need ramekins. I don’t know that I’ve ever owned a ramekin in my life, but the recipe calls for 6-ounce little pots, so who comes flying to the rescue? Why, Amazon of course.

Ordered Saturday, delivered Sunday, and I didn’t even need to get out of my jammies.

We see stores, even prior to this Covid horror, closing all around the country. And you know what? For a large part they only have themselves to blame.

Large department stores in the area are the pits in my opinion. In order to keep costs down, they’ve slashed the quality of their merchandise to shreds. I can’t even remember the time I found any garment made with natural fiber in a department store in recent memory. I mean, after all, nothing says cool and comfortable in summer like 100% polyester, now does it?

Not only have they slashed their quality, they’ve slashed their staff. In a mentally unstable moment, I wandered into a store a couple of months ago to get some makeup.

There were all the branded booths in front of me. Take my pick – Lancôme, Clinique, Estee, Mac – the world evidently was my oyster. Guess how many sales staff were on hand in that department. One. Count them again – no, it’s still one. And she was busy with another customer with two waiting not so patiently in line. In the interest of sanity and blood pressure, I headed in the direction of out.

And who came flying to my rescue as I arrived home with steam pouring out of my ears? Why, Amazon of course. Foundation ordered, delivered the next day. Bob was indeed my uncle.

I’m a ninja when I shop. Get in, get what you need, and get out with Olympic record-breaking haste is my motto. I loathe shopping, and my online buddy has rescued me more times than I can count.

Like it or not, you cannot help but admire the company.

Annie Dear lives in Lee’s Summit. Email her at