Animals Best Friends: Charlie finds a loving home

By Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner

Animals Best Friends places many homeless animals into loving homes. At times we receive what we call “success stories” from our adopters. The following is one story we received from Charlie’s mom:

I entered my search terms, and Petfinder said one out of 1,728 available cats met my search criteria. It wasn't even that restrictive of a search! But here was the one in 1,728, Charlie, at Animals Best Friends.

Charlie with a human friend. [Submitted photo]

From the first moment we saw him at the shelter, we knew he was one in a million. He jumped straight from his cozy shelter bed into our five hearts. Every day he showers each of us with attention, love and affection. He's been through so much from abandonment to a long shelter stay, then multiple surgeries to correct congenital urinary tract issues. We marvel at his big heart with all he has experienced in his first two years of life.

This was our family's first experience with ABF. The dedication of the staff, especially Dianne, to ensuring that Charlie found a safe and loving forever home was evident at every step in the process. But above all in learning about Charlie I was awestruck by ABF's efforts and no-expense-spared approach to resolve his medical issue.

Charlie came to us a very healthy and happy cat, which I have no doubt was the result of their kindness and care. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank ABF and its community of supporters for helping us find our way into Charlie's life.

The Dorothy Family