Charlie fits in at new home

By Gisele Gamble Special to The Examiner

Animals Best Friends would like to share another adoption story with you. Riley, Emmy, Ella, and Babs were puppies who ABF rescued several months ago. This is Riley’s story.

Charlie. [Submitted photo]

When I first saw Charlie’s picture (formerly Riley) online and he had such a sweet look, I knew I wanted to meet him. Our oldest dog Mickey had recently passed away at 13½ years. It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to a much-loved family member, but I knew that we had room in our hearts and home for another rescue pup.

Charlie first came to our house in February for a trial visit, and thankfully he’s never left. He is such a sweet, fun boy! He truly acted like he belonged here from the minute he arrived.

Our older dog, Bo, was not too sure about this new guy at first but he warmed up quickly and has learned how to play again. Our biggest problem now is getting Charlie to give Bo a break from time to time. He has grown so fast. Charlie is bigger than Bo now. He loves to play and snuggle and goes for a walk or hike daily. Charlie has definitely stolen our hearts!

Thank you so much to Animals Best Friends for rescuing Charlie and taking such good care of him. I’m so happy we found Charlie! He’s the best!

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